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Startup Grind Shenzhen

A couple weeks ago we were at the Generator v1.2 conference at Shenzhen university and Joe found himself chatting about beer and entrepreneurship with Yan Yan the Chapter Director for Startup Grind Shenzhen. It didn’t take long for Yan to ask us if we’d like to come to Startup Grind in June and put some beer on the table for the crowd. Hell yes!

On July 6th we’ll be pouring beers at Startup Grind Shenzhen for more than 200 entrepreneurs, artists, designers, hustlers, and hackers. We’re very happy to be involved with Startup Grind Shenzhen and also quite impressed at this month’s speaker. 

The guest speaker is Lie Guo, founder of the hottest app in China: MYOtee脸. The event is already sold out online, but there may be some tickets left at the door. Either way, we should be set up outside pouring beers at a discounted rate so if you can’t get in at least you can drink some beers and try to crash the networking party later.