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August at BionicBrew: Double the size and double the crowd

We’ve expanded.

Double the size and double the crowd. Progress.

In just three days we demolished the place next door and combined the two spaces to open it up a bit and prepare to finally start brewing on site. New lights, new bar, lots of new art and finally a toilet, but there’s still lots to do. In September we’re going to focus on setting up the brewhouse so we can brew at the taproom.

A lot of new faces have been coming in recently so thanks to all those who keep on coming back and bringing your friends along. We know it’s hard to find and you pretty much have to be lead by the hand to find the right door.

New Hours

Friday & Saturday 19:00-02:00 Sunday 17:00-22:00

So far it seems Shenzheners get a late start on their drinking and the bar is pretty dead until about 7 or 8pm. So, we decided to change the hours around a bit. The bar opens a bit later but also stays open later. Remember not to piss off the neighbors and stay inside the taproom after midnight and keep the doors closed. If you walk over to Rose Cafe for some food or a smoke please bring the glasses back.

We need your help. Support us online and get our beer super cheap + beaucoup swag.

We built a new website to spread the word about what we do, where we do it, and how you can help us do more of it. 

In the spirit of DIY we built our own Crowdfunding platform so we can sell you what you really want (beer) and to keep the 8% that Kickstarter keeps for themselves. If you need a map how to get here, want to learn more about us or our beer, or if you just want to get some beer at a lower price you should visit the site. 

It’s not done yet and there’s a lot to add to the FAQ but if you’re living in Shenzhen for at least a few months it’s well worth it because this is the best deal you’ve ever seen on craft beer in all of China. 

Shenzhen Craft Beer Fest

The details will come out next month but we wanted to go ahead and make an announcement to our friends that BionicBrew is throwing the Inaugural Shenzhen Craft Beer Festival. It will take place November 7 & 8 from Friday evening to all day Saturday. Location TBD.

There are other beer festivals in Shenzhen but this one is different. To start, there will only be locally brewed beer from Guangdong and beyond, but no imports. We’re inviting some friends from outside Shenzhen to come and let us taste what they’ve been brewing. There will also be food from local businesses and musicians from Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and we count on you to help us spread the word. If you’re a food vendor, a brewer, or just want to get involved, let’s speak at

KanKan Movie Club

We’re hosting the KanKan movie club twice in September, on the 11th and 25th (both Thursdays). You can signup and join the event here. Not only will you get a bit of culture in your life but you’ll also get discounted prices on our beer!Also, if you have an event that needs a space just ask by sending an email to and we’ll see if we can accommodate. 

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